Friday, April 5, 2013


Hello, Everyone!

It's hard to believe I've already finished the first month of my mission. It didn't go very quickly at first, but now it's just flying by.

Well... not a whole lot has happened. I'm not feeling very chatty today, so I'll be brief. I've had my first baptism this weekend. It was an amazing experience to see someone following through on their commitments and joining the church and knowing I had a hand in it.

Easter was yesterday; we were fed three separate Easter dinners, all of them involving ham. And everyone insisted on giving us dessert. We both had stomachaches by the end of the day. Good times. :)

Today is April fools; in celebration, my companion and I swiped our DL's spare stapler and put it in Jell-O. It was hilarious. Fortunately, he also thought it was pretty funny.

That's all for this week. I'll probably have more next week, and a longer letter.

Until then,

Elder Bush

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